Wednesday, November 8th

The 2017 Playathon was Wednesday, November 8th and raised over $30,000 for the Rio band program. The event was a 17 hour concert featuring all of our groups, and a tradition that began in 1981. The money we raised will buy music, instruments, supplies, provides travel opportunities, and generally allows the Rio Band to continue as a first-rate program. This event has grown to be a lot of fun for our students as well as a connection to the community, and a bond with our middle and elementary feeder schools. Basically, it’s a blast. So, today the tradition continues with 17 hours of non-stop music!


Check your email and check back here at for updates on the 2018 Playathon in November 2018!

Attendance is mandatory for all band students and band families are required to support the Playathon through volunteering on the event day and food donations.

Check the Events Calendar for specific dates and times.