What is Instrumental/Small Ensemble?

This course is for the student who is interested in working independently or in a small group on selected music projects. Students may build a combo or small ensemble of any style or instrumentation. They may work on composition or arranging. They may work with Garage Band. They may woodshed on a special presentation. They may develop a second or third instrument. The possibilities are limited only by one’s musical imagination.

Who's eligible?

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors who are taking a Concert band class or have already completed Honors Concert Band, with approval of the instructor. This class tends to cater to the more experienced musician but there is no limit. One simply creates a contract/course of study to be approved by the staff. Small Ensemble is designed only to be a second band class for students.

What resources are available?

Our music staff is on call, our Garage Band workstation is ready, and an array of specially- instrumented music will be ordered depending on your need.

Will we perform?

Yes, the work of the students in this class will be showcased at many performances during the year.