Jazz Band Program

Jazz Ensemble Prerequisite

Students must be concurrently enrolled in a Concert Band or Small Ensemble (if eligible) to participate in a Jazz Band. There are many reasons for this rule:

  • In order to have small jazz band classes, we must offset the numbers with large concert band classes.
  • Essential theory and ear training concepts are only taught in concert bands.
  • Concert bands are the heart of Rio Band. Everyone’s presence is essential.

New Students to Jazz Band

Virtually all new Jazz students will be enrolled in FM Jazz Ensemble, where after a brief orientation period, they will be auditioned. The audition may consist of sight reading, scales, improvisation, a prepared piece, and other skills.

Returning Students to Jazz Band

Returning jazz students will audition in the spring to determine their preliminary placement for the fall, and they will be placed in either 0period (AM and PM) or FM jazz. Some shifting may occur in the fall due to specific band needs and changing student abilities. Auditions may include any or all of the following: an assigned excerpt, a “call and response” exercise, sight reading and improvisation. Drummers are required to play swing, bebop, bossa, samba and other styles as requested. Students placed in zero period jazz will re-audition during the first week of school and then be placed into either the AM or PM or FM Jazz Ensemble. Re-auditions may occur at the semester or at the discretion of the directors.

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