Concert Band Program

New Students to Concert Band

Virtually all new students to the Rio Band program will be enrolled in either Advanced Concert Band or Intermediate Concert Band, both of which are taught during the same class period. During the first weeks of school, these students will audition for placement into one of the classes. The audition may consist of scales, a prepared piece, and sight reading. Students will be placed into the group in which they will be most successful, without regard to past placementor current grade level. Once placed, students may re-audition at the Directors discretion.

Returning Students in Concert Band

All students returning to the program will have been auditioned the previous spring to determine their preliminary placement for the current year. They are assigned to the band that most appropriately fits their ability and need (i.e., Intermediate Band, Advanced Concert Band, or Honors Concert Band), without consideration of grade level. During the first week of school, students will be chaired based on their performance in sight reading, an assigned excerpt, and scales. Once placed, students may re-audition at the Directors’ discretion.

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