One of the best and easiest ways to help Rio Band succeed is to support our annual Playathon, which is held every year in November. Playathon is a 16-hour event featuring all of our groups, a tradition that began in 1981, and we welcome back musicians from area elementary and middle schools to perform alongside Rio students. The money raised will buy music, instruments, supplies and travel funds and allow the Rio Band to continue as a first-rate program. This event has grown to be a lot of fun for our students as well as a connection to the community. Basically, it’s a blast!

Attendance is mandatory for all band students and band families are required to support the Playathon effort prior to and on the event day, by volunteering, providing food donations, and assisting in other ways. Sign up for volunteer shifts, food donations, pledging online etc. will be become active as we get closer to Playathon day. Keep watching this space for news and updates!

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