Playathon Donation

The Playathon is the major fundraiser for the Rio band program, a concert featuring all of our groups, and a tradition that began in 1981. The money we raise buys music, instruments, supplies, provides travel opportunities, and generally allows the Rio Band to continue as a first – rate program. This event has grown to be a lot of fun for our students as well as a connection to the community, and a bond with our middle and elementary feeder schools. Basically, it’s a blast. So, today the tradition continues with 17 hours of non-stop music

Thank you for you generous contribution to Playathon. RABB and the Rio Band greatly appreciate your support!

Please type the musician’s name in the “Notes” Box on the final checkout page so that we may correctly distribute the funds.   All Donations are Tax Deductible. Tax ID # is 68-0018985    
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