welcoming Victor San Pedro

It’s a very exciting time in Rio Band! Rio Americano will be welcoming Victor San Pedro as a new full-time Band Director next year, working alongside Mr. Evett and Mr. Murray. Mr. San Pedro will be teaching guitar and piano classes, as well as working as part of the team in our 0 period Jazz Ensembles and our 3rd period Concert Bands. Mr. Evett will be starting a String Orchestra- the first one ever in our school district!

Primarily a guitarist and vocalist, Mr. San Pedro comes to us with a unique background and skillset. Growing up in Sacramento, he attended Rio Americano HS, and is one of the finest musicians our program has ever produced. He went to college at CSU Northridge, and spent years in the LA music scene performing, composing and recording music. He moved back to Sacramento to start a family with his wife, Audrey San Pedro (née Reed) who is also a fantastic musician, a Rio Band alum, and a wonderful person. After student-teaching with us here at Rio, Mr. San Pedro has spent the last two years teaching music at a school in West Sacramento. He now comes full-circle back to Rio, and we couldn’t be more excited. 

This addition is made possible by funds from CA Proposition 28, passed by voters in 2022. Our PAC was built with funds from a San Juan district school bond passed by voters about 10 years ago. These are 2 perfect examples of what can happen when people vote YES on school bonds and educational funding propositions. Thank you voters!

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