Donor Wall Additions Coming This Spring

The next update of the PAC Lobby Donor Wall is set for later this spring.  With a donation starting as low as $250, you can memorialize your support of the Rio Band with a spot on the wall.  More information available here. Ready to reserve your spot? Visit the store now.  

Playathon Set For Friday, November 5, 2021!!

Rio Band Performing On The Outdoor Stage

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Please Join Us: Friday November 5th, 2021, 5pm to 10pm
One of the best and easiest ways to help Rio Band succeed is to support our annual Playathon, which will be held on Friday November 5, 2021. This year’s event is a 5-hour concert featuring all of our groups, a tradition that began in 1981. The money raised will buy music, instruments, supplies, provide travel funds and allow the Rio Band to continue as a first-rate program. This event has grown to be a lot of fun for our students as well as a connection to the community. Basically, it’s a blast!
Attendance is mandatory for all band students and band families are required to support the Playathon effort prior to and on the event day, by volunteering, providing food donations, and assisting in other ways. Sign up for volunteer shifts, food donations, pledging online etc. will be become active as we get closer to November 5th. Keep watching this space for news and updates!
Ready to make a donation now? Click here for our Playathon donation page.

BAM! 2021

Since we will not be able to have our usual Dinner Dance this year, we invite everyone to our new virtual event, the Rio Band Auction Meal, or BAM! It’s FREE to attend! Everyone in the Rio Band community is invited- students, parents, grandparents, friends,and neighbors. It should be a blast!  

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