CSUS Jazz Festival Details 12/14

 Warmup is 30 minutes prior to performance. Do not be late!

Event Map

10:30am- Jazz Workshop in Hinde Auditorium (University Union building)
11:15- Combo in Hinde Auditorium
1:30- FM in room 151, warmup in 223
2:30- PM in room 143, warmup in 205
3:30- Arden in room 151
4:30- AM in Recital Hall, warmup in 209
7pm-  Sacramento Jazz Orchestra (including Mr. Murray and Mr. Kiesner) w/ vocalist Jamie Davis

Admission to the festival is $10. Performers will be given a wristband for entrance next week.
If possible, please have students support other Rio groups with their presence.
Dress code is semi-formal. Suits/ties for boys. Dresses, skirts and blouses or classy equivalent for girls. Look sharp!


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