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November 7, 2014


The Playathon is the major fundraiser for the Rio band program, a concert featuring all of our groups, and a tradition that began in 1981. The money we raise buys music, instruments, supplies, provides travel opportunities, and generally allows the Rio Band to continue as a first – rate program. This event has grown to be a lot of fun for our students as well as a connection to the community, and a bond with our middle and elementary feeder schools. Basically, it’s a blast. So, today the tradition continues with 17 hours of non-stop music


The Playathon is comprised of two main parts: Pledge Parties and the Playathon. Pledge Parties are voluntary, organized fundraising activities for students to promote the Band Program, publicize the Playathon and canvas local neighborhoods for donations and/or pledges. All students are strongly encouraged to participate to help raise funds for the general program. For the Pledge Parties, students meet at the home of a host family. After canvassing the neighborhood, they return to the host family’s home to share a meal together. The host family collects $5 per student to cover the cost of the meal. These get-togethers offer an excellent opportunity for the students to work together to reach the Band‟s financial goals and to get to know each other. New students are grouped with those who have participated in past years.

Donations received during the Pledge Parties are credited equally among all participants. Several Pledge Party dates offer flexibility to students, so that most students will be able to fit a date into their schedules.

The Playathon event is the musical marathon in which all band students participate. There is a schedule designating when each group will play. The Playathon is open to the entire school body and the community. Our groups perform for their peers and Rio Staff members during the school day. Feeder elementary and middle school band students are invited to play along with the Rio bands in the afternoon. Parents are encouraged to attend the evening concert, and the late night dance is always popular with students. Food is provided for band students, and parent chaperones supervise the students throughout the entire Playathon. Also, a security guard is on campus in the evening. Specific themes and activities are developed year-to-year so that every year’s event is unique.


The success of this fundraiser is dependent upon the combined efforts of the Directors, the students, and the parents. Students and parents are needed to chair the committees which make the Playathon happen. These committee chairs need the help of all band members and parents. Committee chair positions include decorations, pledge nights, chaperones, cleanup, badges, finance/check-in, snacks, publicity, lunch, dinner, night dessert table, midnight pizza, and Playathon program. Publicity with the media is coordinated with RABB board publicity chair(s). The goal for parent chairs/volunteers is to assist, advise, and support the efforts of the student chairs/volunteers. Volunteer families also are needed as host families for pledge parties.

Attendance is mandatory for all band students. Playathon is an important bonding experience for the students, and the first major concert each year. If a student has to be away for any amount of time, please notify the directors in advance and bring a note from home stating the reason for and times of absence so we know where everyone is at all times.



November 7, 2014
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