Important Playathon Information

Rio Band Families,

Playathon is on Friday! Here’s lots of information you need to know (and this cool flyer):

  1. All band students are expected to check into the band room during 0 period on Friday. Please have all students here no later than 7:20. Students in a 0 period class should arrive at the usual time.
  2. All band students must turn in their personal pledge packet at check in. Only a few more days to hit up family, friends, neighbors and others for much needed donation! 
  3. All donated food and drinks should be brought to the small gym on Friday morning. Please do not send any donations in before Friday, as we have nowhere to store them. 
  4. Unless we have already excused them, all band students must attend all of their classes on Friday. 
  5. Playathon runs from 7am until midnight. All band students are required to attend Playathon until the All-Play is over, at roughly 10pm. Students will not be allowed to leave early for any reason. 
  6. We expect all band students to comport themselves responsibly and respectfully during the entire event. Any disciplinary issues may result in students being sent home, with further discipline- up to permanent removal from the band program- to follow.
  7. There is an optional student dance, with live music from Smamble from 10pm to midnight. Band students are allowed to bring one guest each. The band student will be 100% responsible for the behavior and actions of their guest, so choose wisely. 
  8. Playathon ends at midnight, sharp. We’ll be done with cleanup by 12:30. Please do not be late to pick up your kids. It’s a VERY long day for Mr. Kiesner and I, and the last thing we should have to do is wait in the cold parking lot in the wee hours for a tardy parent. It’s happened in the past- DON’T be THAT parent. 

Here’s the Playathon schedule:

ALL performances are held in the Rio cafeteria

7am-2:50pm: Performances for Rio students
3:10-4:20pm: HCB with middle school kids
4:30-5:30pm: ACB with elementary school kids
5:45-8:45pm: Public concert- In order: JWS, FM, PM, AM, ICB, ACB, HCB
9-10pm: ALL-PLAY!
10pm-midnight: Dance
Midnight: cleanup and pickup

Here’s a link to a really cool youtube video John Nelson (Serena’s dad) put together for Playathon:

See everyone here on Friday!

Josh Murray
Band Director
Rio Americano High School
4540 American River Dr
Sacramento, Ca 95864
(916) 971-7512

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