Rio Wins at CSUS Trad Jazz Festival

Three Rio Groups participated in the Traditional Jazz Festival (think New Orleans in the 1920’s) at CSUS on Saturday. Rio students swept every “best of” instrumental award, and our “Red Hot Moldy Fig Stompin’ Babies Jass Club of Rio Americano” was selected as the top high school group and invited to play in the showcase concert.

Rio’s award winners were-
Andrew Stephens- best HS trumpet, 4th year in a row
Lucas Bere- best HS saxophone
Sarah Pearlman- best HS trombone
Joshua Kravitz, best HS piano
Devan Kortan, best HS banjo
Valentina Makovey, best HS bass
Jacob Swedlow, best HS drums
Also, Brady Hegland (freshman banjo/guitar) was awarded a music camp scholarship.

Congrats to all of our participants.

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