Spring Concert Wrapup & Awards

What a great concert on Friday night! All of the bands once again displayed that Rio Band kids are the finest group of young people to be found anywhere.  Along with the fabulous music, we handed out quite a few awards, all of which were voted on by the students, and approved by the directors. Here’s a list of the award winners:

Jazz Workshop:  
Positive Spirit- Raven Kauba
Most Improved- Daniel Weiss, August Kauba
Hardest Working- Duncan Woodmansee
MVP- Adam Bly

PS- Rosie Morehead, Valentina Makovey 
MI- Sebastian Smith
HW- Caleb Swain
MVP- Duncan McElman, Sean Nelson
PS- Ian Richmond
MI- Jackson Stafford
HW- Tommy Wong
MVP- Kyle Nixon
PS- Sarah Pearlman
MI- Mikey Escobar
HW- Lucas Bere
MVP- Andrew Stephens
PS- Athena Eriksson
MI- Trevor Singley
HW- Charlotte Heeg                
MVP- Raven Kauba
PS-  Rosie Morehead
MI-  Reid Nixon
HW- Bryn Swain
MVP- Jeff Peel, Nick Augusta
PS- Sarah Pearlman
MI- Jonathan Gutmann
HW- Emily Dunning, Kimberly Dunning
MVP- Lucas Bere
PS- Sarah Pearlman
MI- Ryan Clark
HW- Nolan Cyr
Most Creative- Sarah Pearlman
Player of the Year- Sarah Pearlman, Gwennie Giles
Program-wide awards:
Freshman of the Year- Duncan McElman, Amanda Carroll

Mentor of the Year- Sarah Pearlman, Aria Tung

Patrick S Gilmore (versatility)- Lucas Bere, Jeric Rocamora

James Brown (excellence in Pop music)- Devan Kortan

Louis Armstrong (excellence in Jazz)- Andrew Stephens

John Philip Sousa (spirited, dedicated band student)- Sarah Pearlman, Lucas Bere

Directors’ Award (most valuable student in entire Program)- Lucas Bere
And thank you to ALL of our wonderful seniors:
Gwennie Giles
Emmanuel Bautista-Dizon
Kelsey Telander
Julia Grimmett
Zack Kennedy
Sabrina Gunter
Riley Read
Katie Kramer
Eddie Gardizi
Kimberly Dunning
Joshua Kravitz
Emma Hollis
Andrew Stephens
Jeric Rocamora
Rachel Provance
Devan Kortan
Aria Tung
Sarah Pearlman
Lucas Bere

Congratulations to everyone for a great night!

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