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From the desk of Josh Murray…

There are many opportunities for our most dedicated and talented students to audition for local, regional and state Honor Bands, with the approval of the Directors. If you are not sure which (if any) groups would be a good fit, please have the student speak with one of us, and we’ll help advise.

  • ARC High School Honor Band. Held at American River College on December 4 and 5, and open to schools in the Sacramento area. This band is by Director recommendation only, and there is no audition. Interested Concert Band students should see me or Mr. Kiesner to apply. Accepted students will miss school on Friday, December 4th.  Informational flyer.
  • CMEA (California Music Educators’ Association) Capitol Section Honor Band. This high-level Concert Band is by audition only, and is open to schools in the Sacramento area, as well as much of Northern California. Interested students must contact me soon to talk through details. Mr. Kiesner or I will preview all recorded application materials, and we will only submit recordings that exactly follow the printed directions and meet the minimum performance requirement for consideration. This determination will be at our discretion. Applicants must agree to participate in ALL scheduled events if they are accepted. I have linked two documents with information about the schedule of events, as well as the recorded audition requirements. The required excerpts and scales can be accessed in our dropbox- https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x7qyuf7m0g5subs/AAAmLWcgV3mRISQQ0iZ9j-fUa
  • CBDA (California Band Directors’ Association) All-State Jazz and Concert Bands. These are extremely high-level groups, for students whose playing is near professional level. Follow this link- http://www.cbda.org/index.php/auditions for the audition materials, directions and scheduling information. Please let me know if you plan to make an audition recording. All submissions will be at our discretion, and sub-standard auditions or those which do not completely and accurately follow the directions, will not be submitted for consideration.
  • TNT- Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society’s Honor Band. It’s a long-standing tradition in the Sacramento area, and dozens of Rio kids have taken part over the years. Auditions will be held on 9/15. Here is a flyer and more info- www.facebook.com/TNTSacramentoJazz
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