Rio Band News!

From the desk of Mr. Murray…

  1. The Pep Band will be playing for two Friday night football games this year- September 11 and October 16. Both are ‘home’ games, but will be held at Del Campo High School. They are required events for ALL Rio Band students. If there is a conflict with either date, please have the student speak directly with Mr. Kiesner or Mr. Murray to work through it, as soon as possible. More details will come as we get closer. We are NOT playing for the football game this Friday, September 4.
  2. SENIORS AND SENIOR PARENTS: This is the time of year when students are asking teachers to write letters of recommendations for college. Here are a few suggestions/ guidelines- Ask Politely! Treat it like the significant favor it is. Be organized! Keep in mind that writing a letter of recommendation takes roughly 1 hour per student. Give AT LEAST two weeks notice before the letter is due. Make sure to give a heartfelt ‘Thank you,’ from students AND parents after the letter is written and submitted.
  3. It’s always advisable for students to study privately on their instruments, and we recommend (but we do not require) that they do so.  Here is our list of recommended private teachers on each instrument. There may be some others who should be included. We try to update it every year. If you’re not sure which teacher would be the best fit for your student, Mr Murray and Mr Kiesner can help with that decision.
  4. THEATER CONSTRUCTION NEWS: We will be moving out of the music building, into temporary housing in existing portables between February 8 and 12. We’ll need to reschedule the Winter Concert and Small Ensemble Night scheduled for that week. We’ll also have a big ‘say goodbye to the band room’ party. More information when we have it.
  5. THEATER CONSTRUCTION NEWS, PART 2: I will be suggesting that the new theater complex be named “The Craig Faniani Center for the Arts at Rio Americano”. Mr. Faniani was the Band Director here at Rio from 1981 to 2007, and I had the honor of working side by side with him for nine years. He built the program that we all love from the ground up, and without him, there would be no theater to name. Since leaving Rio, ‘Mr. F’ has been the Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator for SJUSD. His leadership helped our Arts programs avoid the draconian cuts made in nearly every other nearby district. He has positively affected thousands of students in his more than 35 years in SJUSD. The final say about the name for the facility will be up to the SJUSD school Board.
  6. Look for more information about Honor Band opportunities soon.

Thanks to All!

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