Congratulations – 2015 Folsom Results

Our AM, PM and FM Jazz Ensembles, as well as 2 combos participated in the Folsom Jazz Festival on Saturday. There was some fantastic music played by all of our groups.

AM- 3rd place in AAA division- selected as a finalist.
Solo Awards were given to- Mikey Escobar, Emily Dunning, Jacob Swedlow and Ryan Clark. Mikey Escobar was also awarded a scholarship the the Port Townsend Jazz Camp, in Washington State.
PM- 4th place in the AA division.
Solo Awards- Valentina Makovey, Haley Furlong, Marko Flores, Timmy Voet, Jackson Stafford, Rosie Morehead, Neta Galili and Eric Treadwell.
FM- 1st place in Division C
Solo Awards- Daniel Nguyen, Eliza Wechsler-Azen and Finn Tobias.
Combo 1- 2nd place overall
Solo Awards- Jacob Swedlow, Mikey Escobar
Combo 2- Solo awards to Duncan McElman, Eric Treadwell, Sean Nelson and Timmy Voet
Great job Everyone!
Also Congratulations to senior Mikey Escobar, who was selected as one of only two tenor saxophonists in the All-State Jazz Band. Way to go Mikey!
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