Rio Represents at Youth Trad Festival

Three Rio Bands – Jazz Workshop – Anything But That (Combo) & T.H.A.T. (Combo)  participated in the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society’s- Traditional Jazz Youth Band Festival at CSUS on Saturday. The kids represented us all very well. One of our groups- T.H.A.T. (ask them what it means) was selected as the top high school group and performed at the evening showcase concert. Many of our kids won individual awards as well- Brady Hegland, best HS guitar/ banjo AND a scholarship to the STJS Jazz Camp. Valentina Makovey, best HS bass AND best club band bass. Duncan McElman, best HS reed player. Jacob Swedlow, best HS drums. Nick Augusta, best HS piano. Nolan Cyr, best HS trumpet. Raven Kauba, best HS vocalist. A job well done! Photos will be posted soon.



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